Glazed Zu-cakey

Zucchini Olive Oil Cake with Lemon Crunch Glaze – Gina DePalma, Dolce Italiano

Sound a tad odd? Maybe so, but this cake is absolutely amazing.

I came across this recipe on The Amateur Gourmet, and his raving convinced the Midden and I to give it a go.

At first I thought this would be like a zucchini bread, but a bit sweeter. Make no mistake, this is a dessert for sure.

The Midden grated three large zucchini while I started the flour mix. In addition to white flour and kosher salt, the recipe calls for nutmeg, cinnamon, and ground ginger – a fall cake recipe if ever there was one.

While we mixed, a sheet full of walnuts were toasting in the oven. After 10 minutes I pulled them out and ground them in the coffee grinder. Now, the recipe specifically said to let them cool before grinding, but I'm an impatient Lass. The result was something that nearly had the consistency of peanut butter, rather than ground powder. But I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

After stirring the walnut-pseudo-butter into the batter, we added the grated zucchini.

Then it was into a greased, floured pan and into the oven at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

While the cake cooled, the Midden worked on the glaze, a mix of lemon juice, regular sugar, and confectioner's sugar (and she may have added a little lemon zest as well). Once the cake had cooled for a few minutes, we transferred it to a plate and brushed the glaze on.

No other way to say it – this cake is damn good. It's moist enough as is, but once the glaze drips down into all the little crevices things get seriously gooey. And while it's baking, it fills the whole house with a warm, spice cabinet smell. We may try it again with an orange glaze instead.

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Amanda Hannah said...

I'm going to go wipe the drool off my chin before I get it on the keyboard. YUM.

CAZPS said...

That's a Thanksgiving receipe for sure!!! Yum!

Kaitlin Ward said...

That looks delicious. *Wants*